NixOS on Tinker Board

Posted on 2018-03-27 by tomberek
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Trying to get NixOS on a RaspberryPi the initial build and lack of a reliable binary cache suggets the idea to produce our own for ARMv7l. A Tinker Board is a faster version and this post explains how to port NixOS to it.

Initial Attempts

The NixOS_on_ARM documentation suggests simply trying sd-image-armv7l-linux.img, but this does not work. The TinkerOS image (i used 20170417-tinker-board-linaro-strech-alip-v1.8.img) worked well. So the next step was to investigate differences and obtain some debugging access.

Console Access

Using a SparkFun ProMicro (5V) and the SerialPassthrough example sketch, connecting via pins 8 and 10, we can obtain a console output of U-Boot of TinkerOS. It shows an invalid CRC, provides a default environment, and boots the OS. It turns out that getting into U-Boot using the TinkerOS image, halting the boot process, replacing SD cards with the NixOS image fails, but the error message suggests the extlinux merely has a different name for the DTB than NixOS has packaged. Simply copy from the nixos dtb file /boot/nixos/<hash>-dtbs/rk3288-tinker.dtb to rockchip-tinker_rk3288.dtb (possibly rockchip-miniarm_rk3288.dtb, TODO: examine U-Boot output to see what DTB it tries to read).

With the proper DTB, NixOS should boot with HDMI output, but nothing to console. This is due to the console setup. There seems to be contention for serial ports in the default boot.kernelParams so we add:

to configuration.nix. With this there should be HDMI as well as serial access to make changes. Moving on to U-boot…


The Tinker Board seems to look for U-Boot at a specific offset rather than in a file. So copy the initial 4MB from the TinkerOS image and then copy it to the NixOS image while skipping the MBR/partition table in the first 512 bytes. It turns out the bootstrap section of the MBR is also needed, so copy that as well.

These commands may use either the /dev/sdX or the file images and later copied to SD cards - this was discovered iteratively, thus was performed on the sd cards directly. Use with caution.

Now U-boot should start with the same version/text as the TinkerOS image, then boot into NixOS using the renamed DTB from the NixOS image, providing both a HDMI and serial console.

NixOS configuration

This is mostly what @dezgeg recommends. Primary changes are resolving redirects to the binary cache. (Note: the earthtools cache doesn’t seems to work at the moment.) There is a problem with certain packages at @dezgeg’s cache that are not signed with the key the wiki post recommends, so those got moved to nix.trustedBinaryCaches. (TODO: fix this? contact @dezgeg?)

Next steps